ASFE’s contribution to eu policy making

ASFE keeps a close eye on developments of interest to paraffinic fuels and provides expertise on the potential role of paraffinic fuels in the decision making process. ASFE is present from the development of legislation to the discussions and negotiations in the European institutions. ASFE regularly engages with the key European stakeholders dealing with sustainable mobility, air quality and other relevant policy areas.

ASFE actively participates in the stakeholder expert group on Future Transport Fuels which provided input and expertise for the development of the Commission's Clean Power for Transport Package published in January 2013, and welcomes the recognition of the benefits of synthetic fuels, although we are advocating for the term to be paraffinic fuels following advances in standardisation (see ASFE position paper on the clean power for transport). ASFE is engaging with key decision makers on this issue, as the discussion moves through the European Institutions.

ASFE is also currently taking part in the Commission's expert group on the review of the EU Thematic Strategy on Air Pollution (TSAP), given the significant contribution that paraffinic fuels can make to improve air quality in Europe, notably in cities.

If you would like to join ASFE's efforts to promote paraffinic fuels, please see here.