Commercial availability

Commercially available today

As of 2012, approximately 230,000 barrels per day of GTL products and 2 million tonnes HVO per annum are being produced globally. In addition projects representing an additional 400,000 barrels per day of GTL products have been announced or are in development and projections suggest that 4 million tonnes of HVO per annum could be delivered to the EU market by 2020.

With the global development of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) and Biomass to Liquids (BTL), a combination of these three technologies will be supplying increasing volumes of low local emissions fuels to the transport market. Production of HVO already exists, and a new plant can be on stream just a couple of years from the investment decision. HVO volumes will increase significantly with the full implementation by Member States the requirements contained in the Renewable Energy and Fuel Quality Directives.

GTL and HVO are the most commercially advanced fuels and offer a practical alternative fuel today to help the EU meet its 10% bioenergy target. A number of plants are planned to be or are currently being built and product availability is increasing.

BTL requires further investment for development, but has the potential to use sustainable biomass resources in Europe.


Current GTL operations include
Mosel Bay, South Africa
Year started: 1992
Company: Petro SA
Bintulu, Malaysia
Year started: 1993
Company: Shell, Petronas, Mitsubishi
Oryx, Qatar
Year started: 2007
Company: Sasol, Qatar Petroleum
Pearl, Qatar
Year started: 2011
Company: Shell
GTL plants in development
Escravos GTL project, Nigeria
Status: In construction
Company: Chevron, Sasol, NNPC
Louisiana GTL, USA
Status: expected start up by 2018
Company: Sasol
Gulf Coast GTL, USA
Status: Undergoing feasibility study
Company: Shell
Oltin Y'ol, Uzbekistan
Status: Awaiting final investment decision
Company: Sasol, Uzbekneftegaz and Petronas
Canada GTL, Canada
Status: Undergoing feasibility study
Company: Sasol
Karns City, PA, USA
Status: Awaiting final investment decision
Company: Calumet, Oxford Catalysts/Velocys
Current BTL operations include
NSE Biofuels Oy, Finland
Company: Neste and Stora Enso
UPM Stracel BTL, France
Company: UPM Group
Ajos BTL, Finland
Company: Metsäliitto and Vapo.
Current HVO operations include
Diamond Green Diesel, USA
Volume: 0.45 Mt/a
Dynamic fuels, USA
Volume: 0.25 Mt/a
Neste, EU
Volume: 1.2 Mt/a 
Neste, Asia
Volume: 0.8 Mt/a