ASFE and EU Policy

The EU is making increased efforts to encourage sustainable mobility, reduce oil dependence in Europe and improve air quality. ASFE has, since its creation, actively contributed to EU policy making initiatives aimed at tackling the key challenges of the day. To ensure that paraffinic fuels are taken into account by policy makers – from a beginning where there was very little understanding of these fuels – ASFE has organised events, taken part in stakeholder consultations and ensured regular dialogue with EU stakeholders.

ASFE stresses the important role that paraffinic fuels can play in the Commission's vision for sustainable mobility. The characteristics of paraffinic fuels make them a natural choice when it comes to reducing both GHG emissions and improving air quality, while at the same time contributing to fulfilling the EU's energy security objectives. From the range of alternative fuel options, GTL and HVO can deliver cost effective reductions in exhaust emissions. In addition they are already available today and can be seamlessly integrated into the existing vehicle infrastructure and fleet.