About asfe

Launched in March 2006 in Brussels, Paraffinic fuels for Europe (ASFE) is a unique European level initiative which brings together car manufacturers and fuel suppliers, who are together working towards reducing the environmental impact of road transport through improved energy efficiency and cleaner fuels. The Alliance currently includes the leading automotive and fuel supply companies: Neste, Shell and Toyota.

ASFE promotes paraffinic fuels. Paraffinic fuels are clean, high quality diesel fuels made from a wide variety of feedstocks, namely BTL (biomass to liquid), GTL (gas to liquid), and HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil).

When ASFE was first established we focused on BTL and GTL (technically "synthetic fuels"), though HVO is an example of a fuel almost identical in composition and performance. BTL, GTL and HVO are all classified as paraffinic fuels, and ASFE now supports the application of all fuels of identical composition that are classified as paraffinic fuels.

Europe's challenge is to meet future mobility needs while reducing the environmental impacts of vehicle use and delivering the lowest possible emissions cost-effectively. Paraffinic fuels have significant potential to contribute to more sustainable mobility and a cleaner transport future for Europe in that they:

  • reduce exhaust gas emissions and help improve air quality;
  • are fully fungible in today's and future diesel engines;
  • are commercially available today;
  • diversify energy supply, and;
  • can contribute to decarbonisation.