Press releases

11 May 2016

The European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) approves of final EN specification for paraffinic fuels 15940

Brussels, 11 May 2016 – Today, the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN), approved of the final European CEN specification for paraffinic diesel fuels, EN 15940, by a majority of votes. While both final drafting and ratification are still underway, the EN 15940 standard is expected to come into force by 19 June 2016.

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29 August 2014

The European Committee for Standarization (CEN) upgrades the specification for paraffinic fuels to a “prEN” specification, CEN prEN 15940

20 August 2014

Neste's renewable diesel helped reduce the carbon footprint of some major events this summer

30 July 2014

Shell Eco-Marathon to be held in London in 2016 and Shell Springboard SME innovations competition opens next month

15 April 2014

ASFE welcomes the adoption of the Directive on alternative fuels infrastructure

11 March 2014

Neste Oil together with its Dutch partners win a Sustainable Bio Award for their work on sustainable aviation biofuel

06 March 2014

Neste Oil's premium-quality NEXBTL renewable solutions to be profiled at World Bio Markets in Amsterdam, 4-6 March

02 September 2013

Neste and Raisioagro to research the potential of straw as a renewable fuel feedstock

01 August 2013

Neste to take part in a renewable diesel demonstration project aimed at product commercialization in Germany