ASFE Workshop at the Committee of the Regions Open Days 2008

The main environmental problems in towns and cities stem from the domination of oil as a transport fuel which generates carbon dioxide and other air pollution. One option is to develop new and clean energy technologies such as synthetic fuels.

Synthetic fuels are made from biomass (Biomas to Liquids, BTL), natural gas (Gas to Liquids, GTL) or coal (Coal to Liquids, CTL). They can be used in existing vehicles and can substantially contribute to reduce emissions in urban areas. Greening the transport sector and reducing associated emissions, is a priority for Europe, as recent policy initiatives from the European Commission have emphasised. In this respect, favourable energy and transport related initiatives have important roles to play in achieving these fundamental objectives.

This workshop presented the perspectives of various important experts in the alternative fuels for transport sector, discussed the practical solutions for sustainable mobility in Europe and proposed ways of overcoming barriers to the uptake of optimal policy measures for consumers, governments and industry alike.

Speakers included:

Mr Luc Bastard, Renault, Group External Relations Paris
Mr Franz Xavier Soeldner, European Commission, DG TREN, Unit A4 - Clean transport & urban transport
Mr Eric van der Wateren, Sasol Chevron, General Manager Global Marketing
Mr Nico Venema, Connexxion Public Transport(Netherlands), Senior Energy Purchase Officer


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