Position papers

06 July 2016

ASFE’s position on the Commission’s Communication on the decarbonisation of transport

ASFE, which represents the voice of paraffinic fuels in Europe, warmly welcomes the new policy initiatives aimed at addressing greenhouse gas (GHG) and pollutant emissions from transport, including the Commission Communication on the decarbonisation of transport.

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13 August 2013

ASFE Position on the Clean Power for Transport Package/ Directive on the promotion of infrastructure for alternative fuels

21 February 2012

ASFE Position on ECON Committee vote on the Energy Taxation Directive

11 June 2011

ASFE position paper on the EU White Paper on the Future of Transport

19 April 2010

ASFE submission to the Commission's Future Transport Fuels Expert Group

16 March 2010

Presentation by Toyota at the World Biofuels Market

14 January 2009

Emissions measurements of Shell GTL Fuel in the context of on-road trials and laboratory studies

24 September 2008

Position Paper on Energy Policy for Europe

24 September 2008

Position Paper on the Renewables Directive